Dream analysis

Dreams have many different functions in our life. Sometimes dreams help you process your daytime experiences. They can convey different messages through symbology allowing you to become aware of important aspects of your life. Dreams can give you interesting information about your health and offer advice on improving it, if necessary. They can clarify plans that you are uncertain about, and offer guidance on whether you should, or should not, continue to pursue certain ideas. Dreams make you aware of changes you feel like making, and can help you consider the next best steps to take in your life.
There are many different ways of learning to understand your dreams. In seven meetings you will also study various techniques that can help you remember your dreams better. You will start writing your personal dream diary. This Dream Analysis course will enrich both your nightly and daily life.

Dream analysis courses in a group of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine participants cost € 40 per person per meeting. All material is included. Individually or with two participants it costs € 65 per meeting.
These seven meetings take place once a month, and each time is 2.5 hours.

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