Inner child: encounters

Get to know yourself better by revisiting your past during the various phases of your childhood and early adolescence. In seven meetings, you will learn how to build a lasting contact with your Inner Child by re-experiencing these years of growth and development. You will deal with a different phase at each meeting, and will be able to connect and share with your Inner Child every time through written communication between your Inner Child-self and your present self. The group exercises always afford sufficient privacy for each individual's personal experience.

During the first meeting each participant will encounter their own Baby Self, including all the other individuals involved with the beginning of your life.
During the following meetings you will encounter the pre-school, kindergarten, and primary school Inner You. Each time you will experience group exercises that can offer joy and comfort.
Later, you will meet your teenage-self, and during our final get-together you will come across all the different chapters of your youth and your present adult self. This way you learn to appreciate the many different facets of yourself, as your Inner Child becomes acquainted with the reliable and loving grown up you have become. Pain and fear from your childhood can be reshaped into self-confidence, peace of mind and steadily growing creativity.

You don't need any previous experience with visualizations. The guided fantasies are easy to follow and can soon bring you into contact with your Inner Child.

Inner Child courses in a group of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine participants at a cost of € 40 per person per meeting, and all materials are included. Individually or with two participants it costs € 65 per meeting.
These seven meetings take place once a month, and each time is 2.5 hours.

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