"Numbers are the essence of all things." - Pythagoras

You can compare numerology to a string instrument. Each number has, just like each string, its own frequency of vibration. Music happens by playing the strings in the correct order, and when you employ numbers in the correct manner the story of life comes into being.

In ten meetings this numerology course makes you aware of your personal numbers and their influence in your life. You discover the value of the numbers of your birthday and the total of your date of birth (day plus month and year). This helps you to recognize the circumstances you continue to encounter and choices you tend to make. You are taught the numerological meaning of your name and after completing this course, you can decide whether or not you might wish to change it, or its spelling, so a different energy will guide you. You will learn to write a numeroscope, and gain knowledge about your personal number value in the days and months. The information gained offers you a tool that you can use to influence the numbers in your life to your maximum benefit.

Numerology courses in a group of a minimum of three and a maximum of nine participants at a cost of € 40 per person per meeting. All materials are included. Individually or with two participants it costs € 65 per meeting.
These ten meetings take place once a month, and each time is 2.5 hours.

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