Vedic Palmistry

Vedic Palmistry can be a valuable key to your character and emotions. Y ou will receive information regarding potential romantic choices, health issues and career opportunities, along with practical tips on how to simplify your life. Did you know that if you photocopy the palms of your hands in color once every three months, you will be able to see the continuous movement of their visible lines? If you put these pictures in an album, the many differences that occur in the lines on your palms become obvious - it will seem as if these lines are dancing! Your personal reading will help you become acquainted with the meanings of the various major palm lines. It is a known fact that the physical messages of our bodies (and our so-called body language) are always based on truth, and the same applies to the lines in your palms. By learning to read and understand the changes in your own hands, you can interpret the messages they give you and utilize these messages to improve every aspect of your life.

All personal readings last an hour and a half and will be recorded on your cell phone.
All readings cost €80 per session, including one month of possible follow up questions by mail.

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