Marliska Gerrards, Tom Anthony (schrijversduo Melissa B. Thomas)


In addition to her work as a coach, Marliska Gerrard is also an author. Together with the American artist, narrator and editor Tom Anthony she has published, under the pseudonym Melissa B. Thomas, a book on couples' horoscopes entitled, 'My Personal Relationship Horoscope: The Two of Us', written at the request of the popular American astrologer Susan Miller.

This book is designed for readers who are curious about the potential of a romatic relationship, but have little knowledge of astrology. It is "printed on demand", which means that it is written specifically for the two individuals who ordered it - each edition is unique and personal!

This book is available on the website; when you look up 'My Personal Relationship Horoscope: The Two of Us', you will find information further describing how the book is composed and sample excerpts, so you know what your own book will be like. When you place your order, you will be asked to send in information on each of your births, i.e. the dates, times and locations. The chapters of your personal book will be compiled based on this data. Each volume is richly illustrated throughout, and it is possible to include photos of both of you, as well as a personal dedication.

'My Personal Relationship Horoscope: The Two of Us' is an original and personal gift for Valentines Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or any other romantic occasion!

Since the completion of the above mentioned book the writers duo Melissa B. Thomas has been working on a Numerological workbook entitled for the time being: 'Numbers Work!' This book is also focused on an audience that needs little to no basic knowledge of the material. This numerology book offers a treasure of information that is easily found and will present a feast of recognition.

This new book should be on sale in the States in 2010. Naturally you will be kept informed via this website about the exact date of appearance.

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