Reiki II

This reiki course is designed for anyone who has taken the first degree Reiki course at least three months previously.

During one evening and one entire day you will learn to use the specific reiki symbols for sending reiki energy over distances to people, animals or situations. If necessary you can also choose to send reiki to situations in your past that need cleansing or healing. Or, you can send reiki to your near future, for example; to an important meeting or interview. In cases like this you focus reiki on what you need most, such as communication abilities and/or for self-confidence.

During the reiki II course you will practice many different possibile uses for reiki, and will be given the initiation that is the primary component of the second degree. You will receive your own reiki diary, and at the end of the course you will be given your personal Reiki II certificate.

The price of a second degree Reiki course is € 350 per person.
If you prefer to take this course individually, the price is € 400.
The duration is: One and one-half days.

Included in the price of the Reiki II course is one follow-up meeting that occurs approximately one month after your reiki II course. This meeting lasts about 2 1/2 hours, and offers you the opportunity to pose further questions and share your experiences and insights.

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