individual coaching sessions

Together we will create a safe environment where you can feel free to explore your inner self and uncover your innate self-healing power. By rooting out the buried causes of inner conflict and pain in your life - often centered around a common theme - you can find solutions to ongoing issues. Your negative perception of past experiences has been locked in your subconscious, but with a new understanding of these "pictures", you can gain insights that will help you release and change old patterns.
You will learn grounding and awareness exercises to further help you improve your relationship with yourself and sharpen your self-healing skills, and your self-esteem and assertiveness will grow immeasurably as you learn to recognize your own unique contribution to life.

A daytime session costs € 80 per hour and evening sessions cost € 90 per hour.
Telephone sessions usually last approximately one hour and cost € 80.
If money is a serious problem for you, a price can be discussed.

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