A numerological reading can bring you more in touch with your natural talents and ambitions. It will uncover the reasons behind unproductive choices you habitually make in your life, and offer new ideas to help you make choices that are more beneficial to you. You will discover the meaning and influence of your birthday, as well as acquire useful information about the date of your birth. The letters of your name have a numerological value; you can sometimes improve the quality of your life by changing your nickname, or even just how you spell it.

You can choose between a personal or written reading of your full numeroscope. I also write personal yearly numerological forecasts, based on the period between your last and your following birthday.

And a numerological reading makes an interesting and original birthday present!

All personal readings last an hour and a half and will be recorded either digitally or on cassette tape for your convenience.
All readings cost € 90 per session.

A numerological yearly forecast costs € 25.
If you choose to receive a numeroscope reading along with a numerological yearly forecast, you will be given a 10% discount.

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